NYC's Ground Zero for Hardcore Punk. Undisputed. Since 1981. End Of Discussion.
NYC's Ground Zero for Hardcore Punk. Undisputed. Since 1981.  End Of Discussion.

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YES!!! Its here, wether you like it or not. Our MOVIE SECTION is gonna feature stuff that springs up here and there...not all of it is going to be NYHC/Punk/Music based, mind you...if we found it interesting? It'll be here.


 OK, I have nothing against Jim Jaramush. Matter of fact? His documentary on the Stooges was downright brilliant! But THIS…..can we say woulda, shoulda, coulda??


We’ve got a movie with a cast that would’ve been capable of a whole lot more – but they’re trapped in a cinematic shoebox of what appears to be intended bad jokes, a storyline more lifeless than the zombies in the movie…and add in scenes that have no correlation with one another, and the ending where Tom Waits prattles on about tying in zombies, consumerism and how fucked up humanity is while the main 2 characters are getting devoured….

Well, at least the drinks served @ the Alamo were good for the price!!


A film by Danny Garcia (2019)


He was a Dead Boy. A Lord of the New Church. Solo Artist. Though he wore many hats, everything he did was purely Stiv. His name always is one you will acknowledge instantly, because of how he has imprinted himself into the worlds punk consciousness and culture. But I’m sure there’s still some parts of the world that ask – who the flying fuck is Stiv Bators, and why should I give a fuck??? Glad you asked, buddy boy….


Well, dear reader…Steven Bators Jr , straight outta Ohio – even as a young boy was clearly “not just anyone”, as he would later snarl in “Sonic Reducer”…a song that left more than a sizable footprint on the idiom referred to as American Punk. Here was a young boy who clearly wasn’t content to be in the background, and needed to place himself front and center – maybe there was more to his exhibitionist tendencies than we knew, Hahahaha…..


Mr Garcia fleshes out the flick with Stiv’s early forays into his musical journey, which is worth the price of the ticket alone – then the Dead Boys & Lords getting a little less of a shake than you’d guess – maybe because that stuff is more documented? Either way, more footage and coverage about his early years and post Dead Boys/pre Lords woulda been nice – but “STIV” is a well rounded, solid doc that fares better (in my opinion) than his last flick “Looking for Johnny”, which kinda left the viewer a bit cold and with many questions. Either way? “STIV” is more than worthy of your attention, people. And yes, you absolutely need this DVD in your collection – now!!


“This film is based on truth, lies, and what really happened “. Now THAT should be a clue right there as to how this little saga unfolds. Based somewhat on the book of the same name,  director (and one time Bathory drummer ) Jonas Ackurlund attempts to put forward a semi- suitable version of a rather twisted tale that is hard to work with – hence the Hollywood spin on a topic and time period that many might see as….unsavory? Yeah, that works, Hahahaha…..


One noteworthy thing here is that the whole Norwegian Black Metal scene was insular, cliquish and so far up its own ass that unless you were there at that time? The truth will forever avoid you. Another thing you should consider – the people involved here weren’t exactly adults…and chose to conduct themselves in “extreme” manners. And as you might expect, things didn’t quite work out as they expected…particularly when murder is involved!! Church burnings?? Ahh…that’s a whole other issue…


So if your looking for a story about some young ambitious guy who’s band kickstarted a revered and somewhat hated extreme genre of music – who gets too caught up in the actions unfolding around him to pull back – and who’s story doesn’t have a good ending…than here’s a movie worth a view or 2. But, that’s as far as it gets. Poser…….

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