NYC's Ground Zero for Hardcore Punk. Undisputed. Since 1981. End Of Discussion.
NYC's Ground Zero for Hardcore Punk. Undisputed. Since 1981.  End Of Discussion.

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Roger Miret book signing at GENERATION RECORDS with STIGMA  performing – 8/28/17


I had my reservations about attending what I assumed would be a three ring circus as most of these events usually are – and expressed this to Roger a few days beforehand – but as I know and love the guy, I decided to brave the insanity and head over to Generation after work on that Monday evening.  Thankfully, the temperature was not as hot as it usually is in the tail end of August, and it wasn’t too unbearable in the bowels of Generation, where the book signing was taking place.  Although I arrived a little after 6:30, there was already a line of people in front of the table where Roger sat, signing copies and stamping them, with one or more of the stamps he had made especially for this occasion.  There were many faces I recognized from the scene, both old and new.  In fact, there were a lot of “grey hairs” in the crowd, who hadn’t probably been down in these parts in a very long time, but were here to be part of their “hardcore reunion.”  This conception was driven home when Sandy Sect brought her 1983 high school yearbook, which had been signed by many of the people present this evening, and who had signed it 34 years ago, and were asked to sign it again in the present day.  


The basement of Generation became too crowded, especially as none of the stacks had been moved, and people had to stand in the aisles between records, while Roger signed on one end of the room.  At one point, Roger went to the other side of the stacks, where Stigma was set up to play, and did a Q&A and reading from his book.  It was difficult to hear Roger, even with a microphone for some reason – but you could certainly hear Drew Stone, the moderator clearly enough.  I eventually went upstairs, after getting frustrated from straining to make out what Roger was saying.  After Q&A, Stigma played..  Vinnie, the other half of the dynamic duo of AF, was hamming it up as only he can, in even such a cramped spot.  At some point Roger got up to join him, making for a memorable moment to end the evening.


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