NYC's Ground Zero for Hardcore Punk. Undisputed. Since 1981. End Of Discussion.
NYC's Ground Zero for Hardcore Punk. Undisputed. Since 1981.  End Of Discussion.

**********MUSIC REVIEWS**********

Ascend/Descend – Murdock Street


Straight outta Boston come Ascend/Descend with a 7 song EP that wastes not one second with formalities – headed straight for the jugular with opener “Consequence”…matter of fact? The only breather you get is an uncomfortably discordant tune called ‘Rot” – and that even weighs more than a touch heavy on your being!! The only thing heavier than this EP is the experience of seeing these guys live….but if you cant make the gig? Then here’s your taste – and it’s not to be taken lightly.

Bloodclot – Up In Arms


Before we start? Sit down. You sitting?? Goooood…now pay attention, ok? Listen carefully…I’m only gonna say it once – sooo here goes : TO JUDGE A BAND ON THE COLLECTIVE MEMBERS PAST HISTORIES BEFORE YOU EVEN HEAR THE MUSIC DEFEATS THE POINT OF PROGRESSION…and? It makes you out to be a mental midget of the highest ranking order.
Ok…that being said, let’s get to the point…this LP is one of the bigger surprises for 2017, for sure!! There are times when you listen to a album and can get the immediate feeling that everyone involved in the process was having a blast creating and recording it – this is definitely one of those records!! 13 tunes that are Unashamedly thrashy and belligerently pummeling in equal measures, it’s pretty much like trying to stop[ a steamroller charging down a San Francisco hill.  And live? They are even better…but get this LP first, so you know what you're getting into. I'm just hoping this isn't a one off project – that would be a true shame of epic proportions. And as a note to all the members of the band? THIS is a profoundly positive step in all of your directions – hope you can keep it going…!!!

Chuck Berry – Chuck


I believe it was John Lennon that once said “If you gave rock and roll another name, it would be Chuck Berry”.There has never been a truer statement – like it or not. If not for Mr Berry being in the right place at the right time, I can assure you that things would have probably turned out a LOT different. His first recording since “Rockit” – a mere 35 years ago, you're NOT exactly gonna find Chuck breaking new musical ground – indeed a tough task when you basically built the highway? All the familiar themes are there – playful and still a touch bawdy – but thru the eyes of the elder statesman…while the ever so familiar music cruises just like that ol’ Coup DeVille you remember from “Maybellene” all them years ago . Sadly, Berry passed on before “Chuck” was to be released –  I'm sure he would have loved to see the final feather in his cap. But, alas…like the song said – “C’est la Vie, said the old folks/goes to show you never can tell…”
Roll on, Mr Berry… RESPECT.

Alice Cooper – Paranormal


In an age of constant changes, sometimes it’s a good thing that SOME things stay around to remind us of where we come from, to some extent…and for me, one of those things is the perseverance of someone like Alice Cooper. Not exactly needing an introduction, his iconic status is pretty much secure in the pages of Rock and Roll history – and pushing 70, he doesn’t seem to show many signs of slowing down. His newest LP is said to be akin to “12 separate episodes of the Twilight Zone”, but it’s more like ( at least from this writer’s perspective) an expansion of the snarky, pointed witticisms with only a slight update soundwise- keeping him more than a little solvent. After all, when you basically wrote your own ticket and defined a genre you pretty much created – why change?? To sweeten the pot, there’s 3 bonus cuts (depending on what version you get) featuring the guys from the ORIGINAL Alice Cooper group…let’s just say “Paranormal” is a win/win situation all across the board…

The Last Stand – This Is Real


Every now and again, the borough of Brooklyn throws me a musical curveball. In the last 25 or so years, there's been a few bands from that place that have made me realize that Kings County has more to it than a history of mental midget Guidos, disco, Saturday Night Fever, the Crazy Country Club and Lamours – the self proclaimed “rock capital of Brooklyn “…

The Last Stand’s new EP “This Is Real”  comes as a shock to my collective system – merely on the grounds that it outpaces previous works released by the band’s collective members. Musically sound foundation and structure, these songs show true conviction by the band playing them…there isn't a half hearted moment contained here on this release whatsoever.
I will say this much, and stand behind it – when a band truly loves what it does, the songs take on a power that will be seen AND felt. And “This is Real” has that power in spades. Buy or miss the boat and be forever blighted!!

Chesty Malone and the Slice 'em Ups –                        We're Still Dead


If you haven't yet had a close encounter with this band yet, perhaps it's time you should. “We’re Still Dead” is the newest release by the Brooklyn Torture Rock veterans, and deserves your attention. Why? Simply because of the fact that despite the artwork and band imagery, this LP is NOT what you'd perceive it to be…
Sure, it's thrashy, tastefully trashy and I'll admit – a lot of fun! They even have O.P. from Negative Approach playing drums, fer Christ sakes!! But  what sets “…Dead” apart from the pack is that there's more colors on the pallet than usual (without sacrificing any heaviness or musical identity), which is a pleasant surprise to the usual strum und drang that clouds the air pumping from my sound system. At times, the songs have an almost cinematic approach, kind of  like what you'd hear from the original Alice Cooper band – but only with Doyle of the Misfits playing the role of Glen Buxton. And? It actually WORKS. So…need a break from “chuggachuggayoyoyodragmyknuckleshawdcoreforLIFE,yo” kinda drivel??? Then pass go, skip past the bullshit and buy a copy of this record. The Zombie Relief Fund will love ya for it.

Ache – Fade Away
Coming from the ashes of bands like Dead Serious and Abject, Ache’s debut on Dead City Records is nothing to sneeze at in terms of a starting point. At times, it’s more of a wall of noise that seethes in a way that is quite uncomfortable to listen to – then again...dark music isn’t something that is taken lightly. Lyrically and otherwise, it’s quite a heavy release,  so  As long as you aren’t expecting a standardized metallic flavored LP, then welcome to your newest nightmare…..


Iconicide – Give Me Extinction Or Give Me Death
To cut directly to the chase, there aren’t many ways to pigeonhole Iconicide  - nor should one attempt to. They are an entity unto themselves, forever teetering the tightrope between the outer fringe and the abyss. Compromise? Not in their vocabulary or mission statement. But on other fronts, this release is one of their most listenable releases, half studio, half live, and the whole project dedicated to the memory of bassist Shane Keogh. If you want to see what unflinching devotion to unfiltered musical malignancy sounds and looks like, you’ve found ground zero.

RADIAC – 3 song demo


Released on a flexi-disc (yes, you read correctly…a flexi!!!)…Features former members of Dead Serious, and follows in the vein of angry, thrashable older style hardcore punk with Discharge type vocals. I'd love to see how this project progresses beyond these 3 cuts…definitely not a bad way to start off!!!


Future Transmitter / Slow Ride


Yes, the Fu Crew take a stab at Foghat's "classic" seventies schlock rock  staple- but with the typical Fu flair. The results are....well, you'll have to be the judge!! I was more in tune with the A - Side of this EP - which is the Fu that we all know and love - it sounds like an outtake from the last release "Gigantoid"...but I would recommend grabbing a copy from a shop  rather than thru their site - the shipping charge is more than the frigging record!!!



Well THIS was a release I was dreading and anticipating in equal measures!! But from the get go? This platter is a aural brickbat not to be taken's not the dying gasp of some old geezers trying to grab a fast buck - its an honest, legit release that pretty much keeps with the band's traditional sound - brutally uncompromising to the bone!!



 What we have here is primarily a lower level "super group" of NYC underground stalwarts from bands such as Caught In A Trap, Refuse Resist  and  Gangway ....8 songs that are solid and tight musically - pretty hard hitting with vocals that are upfront but a bit too much like Jeff Clayton (Antiseen) for comfort.  Overall, a good representation for what the climate in NYC is on today's musical front.


 More than a decade since their debut 'Killing Spree', the Sickos from Bronx NY are back with some Thrash Metal NYHC. Not for the PC crowd with 'Feelings are for Assholes', 'Up your Ass' and 'Instinct To Sin' they got some brutal songs. They also have some funny ass songs like Buyback, Pizza & Beer and Julio's Got No Visa about a ex band mate. The recording is top notch and the songs kick ass. Just when you thought NYHC got boring you get get a front kick to your face. For fans of S.O.D., No Redeeming Social Value and Crumbsuckers

Anti-Citizen / Trash Live!!
As an unwritten rule, a "live" release from a band was either a kiss of
death, or a sure sign of an over inflated ego..but in the case of our
boys in Anti Citizen, its more like a case of "it is what it is" - and
thats not such a bad thing, either!
So in a nutshell, you have 14 tracks here that are (in my opinion) a
high powered, warts and all document of a band from New Jersey just
having a good time at the Trash Bar. Nice to snap up for a keepsake,
but go see 'em live to get the whole picture.

Minor Cuts - s/t sampler
The fact that this 4 song "sampler" was a tad too slick looking than
I'm used to getting for review was the reason I almost passed on the fact that anytime a band gets major "jockage", it makes
me somewhat leery...
After 3 playbacks, i can honestly say that all 4 tracks are organized
fine - and executed well...but this could've used a MUCH better mix
job..low sounding guitars, flat drums topped off by a LOUD VOCAL MIX
that doesn't do anyone concerned any favors... But?
Given the fact the MCs are still pretty new prospects side in the NYC
poupouri of Punk, I'd like to see how they progress in another 6 to a
year or so..then one can give 'em a fair assesment. Until then? Stay

No Control - S/T demo
First off, let me address a minor issue tht has been grumbled amongst
some "old school" folks out there... this band is NOT to be confused
with the original NC that stomped the boards at places like A7 and
CBGBs back in the day...and besides - the founder of that band went on to form a
band called Sheer Terror - but THAT is a whole other story... So now?
Let's address the present, shall we??
Featuring a neo - production that makes most GG Allin recordings sound
polished,  this little 6 song demo not only seeths, it fried the high
end part of my speakers!!! But is it worth it? Oh, yes...this little
disc is positively should make it your business to get this
demo AND catch NC live...they are this writer's pick of the month as
one of those bands to keep an eye on!!!

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